Behind the Scenes | Making my first Sustainable YouTube Video

Red Jumpers from Knit Planet and Maska at Green Lens Studio

Yes you read this correctly; I’m channelling my inner dramatique and dipping my toes into the waters of YouTube. A while back stylist Kelly Ekardt and I decided to destroy the myth that wearing ethical & sustainable clothing equals sackcloth and rags. Instead we want to show that you can look very relevant, very 2017. And of course the obvious method was YouTube.

Green Lens Studio, Sustainable Photographic Studio

Where we made it

We filmed it on a freezing cold day back in October at the Green Lens Studio in my beloved n4, near Finsbury Park. I was so excited to use this space, as it is the first Sustainable Photographic Studio in the UK.

Green Lens Studio, Sustainable Photographic StudioGreen Lens Studio, Sustainable Photographic StudioGreen Lens Studio, Sustainable Photographic Studio

Green Lens Studio | Sustainable Photographic Studio

Green Lens Studio is a converted 1880’s stable. In its construction they used 70% reclaimed materials and most of their furniture is upcycled. Whilst acknowledging that a business can never be 100% eco-friendly, they seek to minimise their impact on the environment in their day to day living. Green Lens Studios also open their doors to like-minded brands and projects (like us!) that are seeking to be sustainable and to promote social justice. Unsurprisingly they were nominated for Ecovates Eco-micro Business of the Year & give their Ecocertificate. Thus they are a sustainable photographic studio.

Red Dress from The Acey and Blue Coat from People Tree Green Lens Studio

What’s it about?

Now, Christmas is on its way, and this year rather than shunning red the fashion world is welcoming it with open arms. So it made perfect sense for us to do our video all about the colour red.

Personally I find red a scary colour. With my bright blond hair it can make me look like a glorified Barbie, but don’t worry we tackle that in the film.

Tahira from Beauty By Tahira and Kelly Ekardt in Green Lens StudioEco Friendly Make Up

Who Stars?!

Well Kelly and I are in it, but the main stars are the incredible sustainable and ethical brands we’ve used. We managed to borrow clothes from Gather & See, Maska, Seven Boot Lane and The Acey just to name a few. Also, we were lucky enough to interview Tahira, professional make up artist and author of green beauty blog Beauty By Tahira. She’s got some great tips on how to apply red lipstick and choose a colour perfect for your skin.

Tahira from Beauty By Tahiran4mummy wearing Gather and See at Green Lens Studio

When will it be live?

The editing phase is taking longer than expected. Partly because both Kelly and I regularly freak out at how silly/cheesy/ridiculous we look on camera. But also due to both of us being mums and the yearly sickness bugs that come around. So you’ll just have to watch this space………..

Shop The Sustainable Outfits


My Red Jumper | Maska

My Denim Skirt | girlstalktoboys

My Snake Boots | Seven Boot Lane

Kelly’s Red Jumper | Knit Planet

Black Trousers | Maska

Kelly’s Black Boots | Seven Boot Lane


My Red Dress | The Acey

My Navy Mac | People Tree at The Acey

My Gold Clutch | Sarah Baily

My Snake Boots | Seven Boot Lane


My Bodysuit | Woron at Gather & See

Denim Dress | Kowtow at Gather & See

My Black & White Shoes | Miista

Bracelets | GollyGundropsKnits




  1. November 30 / 11:07 pm

    So precisely… HOW did I miss this??? FABULOUS! May I add my outfit too is People tree and my scarf amazing Mama designer Maria Hatling! Subscribing now x

  2. November 14 / 5:16 pm

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see you on camera!!

  3. Lucy
    November 14 / 12:13 pm

    Can’t wait to see it! Xxx

    • November 14 / 12:24 pm

      Ah thanks Lucy! I really think you will laugh at me x

  4. November 13 / 8:49 pm

    Can’t wait to see your video, I didn’t realise when you were doing the video that you were using a sustainable photo studio too. Love it!

    • November 14 / 10:40 am

      Thanks Sabina, I know it was quite amazing that we found the studio and that it was sustainable and about a 5 min drive from my house! xxx

  5. jackie
    November 13 / 5:16 pm

    I’m looking forward to the result!

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