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Hannah Shucksmith London

In a world full of perfect instagram pictures, honesty is the tonic we all need. Mum to be, Hannah Shucksmith, is the lady behind eponymous jewellery brand Hannah Shucksmith London. And she’s not afraid of a healthy dose of realism.

Faced herself with struggles of depression, she’s created a brand designed to “spark positive thoughts”. Her vision has been to “create reminders of hope and help people to know their worth.”

Hannah Shucksmith London

Hannah Shucksmith London

All Hannah’s pieces are made from sterling silver, plated with 18ct gold and the finest gem-stones. I love her work, so I thought I show you my top picks from her latest collection.

Hannah Shucksmith London

Bracelets with a message

The friendship bracelets are a really easy every day item of jewellery. They add a pop of colour to an everyday outfit and can easily be layered. I own 3 of her bracelets and each has a special meaning. My husband bought me “be self-control” after I gave up chocolate for a year in a bid to shed my baby weight post Daisy. Everytime I look at a piece of cake I know I can resist eating it. Whether I choose to or not is a different matter! “be hope” pictured below is both a fantastic colour for summer and reminds me of who I place my hope in. As a Christian, my hope is placed in God. Where do you find your hope?

Hannah Shucksmith LondonHannah Shucksmith London

A stand out ear-piece

I particularly love Hannah’s oreillettes, a stunning ear-piece that requires just a normal single ear-piercing. It’s part of the Benison collection, which is designed to “bring blessing”. I’ve matched them with her Be Peace stud earings, which have blue chalcedony centres. With each purchase of Hannah’s jewellery you receive a special gift to pass on to someone else, currently it’s a beautiful bracelet but this will be changing soon to something equally secret and exciting!

Hannah Shucksmith LondonHannah Shucksmith LondonHannah Shucksmith London

Layer your necklaces

Layering necklaces is one of my favourite ways of turning a simple everyday top into something a little more special. The trick is to make sure all your necklaces are slightly different lengths. The longest necklace pictured is the cachet pendant, with four rubies in it. In the middle is the be joy necklace, adorned with macaroons, precious stones which can be added to pendants to give some colour. The Benison necklace is the shortest one, and is a simple geo shape.

Hannah Shucksmith London

Use code N420 for a 20% discount until Tuesday 18th May.

Visit to view more of Hannah’s work.

Follow her story on Instagram @hannahshucksmith

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Be Freedom Bracelet | Hannah Shucksmith London

Be Hope Bracelet | Hannah Shucksmith London

Clement Rock Crystal Bracelet | Hannah Shucksmith London

Benison Moonstone Oreillettes | Hannah Shucksmith London 

Be Peace Stud Earings | Hannah Shucksmith London

Cachet Ruby Pendent | Hannah Shucksmith London

Maxi Rollo Chain | Hannah Shucksmith London

Be Joy Pendant | Hannah Shucksmith London

Midi Rollo Chain | Hannah Shucksmith London

Black Macaroon | Hannah Shucksmith London

Fuchsia Macaroon | Hannah Shucksmith London

Benison Short Necklace | Hannah Shucksmith London




  1. May 15 / 10:50 pm

    Beautiful jewellery, I particularly love the layered necklaces and the bracelets. Great styling for the photographs too x

  2. May 12 / 11:32 am

    They all look stunning, I love the layered necklace look – I can never find the right length necklaces for me, I hate feeling strangled by them!

    Also ADORE the bracelets! x

    • May 12 / 1:58 pm

      Me too Kate, I hate necklaces that are too short & love really long ones but they are often hard to find. I have x 3 of the bracelets ( a bit of a guilty pleasure!) xxx

  3. J
    May 10 / 1:42 pm

    Love these!

  4. Jackie
    May 9 / 9:38 pm

    Lovely jewellery. The drink looks rather good too!

    • May 12 / 1:59 pm

      It’s a rose latte made with beetroot juice Jackie! I surprised myself by drinking it as it had milk in it xx

  5. KH
    May 9 / 9:38 pm

    Lovely post, and lovely Jewellery.. love that they act as little reminders in your day! Think I need the self control one too! Xxx

    • May 12 / 1:57 pm

      We all need little reminders every day! Thanks for your lovely comment KH xxx

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