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Pink Pinafore Dress from Dotty Dungarees & Bobux Trainers plus navy dungarees from Dotty Dungarees

Fashion trends come and go, and then some stick, like the dungaree. It’s a 1970’s throw back that has somehow become a wardrobe staple and personally I live in them.

We’ve been, kindly, given numerous bags of pre loved clothes for the kids, of which there have been several pairs of dungarees in varying degrees of quality. Having tried a few different styles I now feel I know exactly what to look for in a pair.

Pink Pinafore Dress and white ruffle top from Dotty Dungarees

That said, I’m not as much of an expert as Alice and Georgie of Dotty Dungarees. They do one thing and one thing well, dungarees. And with six children between them, their dungarees and pinafore dresses have been rigorously tried out. They kindly sent Daisy & Laurie a set each for us to give them a go.

Navy cord dungarees and a red stripe breton top from Dotty Dungarees


The pictures you see are all from their AW17 range. My kids are both pretty tough on their clothes, so quality is imperative. Both the navy dungarees and pink pinafore dress are made from a lovely hardwearing needlepoint cord, and are lined with 100% soft cotton dotty jersey. Aside from the dotty jersey being super cute, it makes them uber comfy to wear and also cosy and warm. The needlepoint cord is made with 0.9% spandex in it, which allows the fabric to move as the kids monkey around!

Pink Pinafore Dress from Dotty Dungarees & Bobux TrainersPink Pinafore Dress from Dotty Dungarees & Bobux Trainers


These are garments designed to last. It’s so refreshing to see, a wonderful antidote to fast throw away fashion. Laurie’s dungaree’s have turn ups on them so they can grow with him. And both the dungaree and the pinafore dress the straps are adjustable. Alice & Georgie have made all their clothes with the purpose of passing them on to siblings and friends. Although Laurie might not wear Daisy’s dress (!), she already has a cousin who has put her name on it next.

navy cord dungarees and red stripe breton top from Dotty Dungarees


These are super practical garments. Not only are they wearable for the majority of English weather (!) dungaree sizes up to 24 months have a zip to make nappy changes easy. Which I have found much more straight forward than trying to do up a million poppers whilst Laurie squirms away from me.

Pink Pinafore Dress from Dotty Dungarees & Bobux Trainers


Dotty Dungaree’s also produce tops to match, for Laurie I went super traditional with their red breton stripe top. Though their ochre stripe would have looked equally good. For Daisy I couldn’t resist the ruffle collar top. Both kids are wearing shoes from Bobux, Daisy wears the Playbacks in burgundy and Laurie the Wander in airforce . We are huge fans of Bobux shoes here for their commitment to good foot health. Their shoes are designed to protect mini people’s feet but also to allow them to develop naturally. To read more about why I love Bobux please click here.

Personally I love the nostalgic vintage feel of these dungarees, it reminds me of how my parents used to dress my sisters and I as children.

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