In need of a Revolution

It’s been 4 years since the Rana Plaza building collapsed killing 1138 people and injuring many more. And within the fashion industry nothing appears to be changing. Fashion Revolution encourage us to ask #whomademyclothes ? But transparency is still a murky issue, no pun intended.

So this year I decided to do something different. As consumers we have power, we vote with our wallets. So, I felt I needed to change the way I shopped. I set myself a challenge: to build myself a wardrobe that is made up of clothes that are ethically and sustainably produced. I have rules (click here to read) and I confess I am a little nervous. For, I know there’ll be no popping into H&M for that little feel good fashion fix.

Therefore this summer I’ll be only wearing brands who are happy to tell me #whomademyclothes


This sunshine yellow skirt brightens up my day. Its full circle demands a twirl, and makes me feel like I’m 5 again. It’s from Papu Stories, a Finnish brand that put transparency and sustainability on a par with their super sleek scandi design. They are happy to share with us that most of their clothes are made in Portugal by Cottonhouse Ltd, (a few items are made in Finland) who are owned by a Finnish textile company Black Moda. The skirt is made from GOTS certified organic cotton which is imported from Turkey.

My new favourite organic blah blah striped T is from People Tree, it is made by Fusion Clothing Company in India. I’ve learnt that they provide safe working conditions, give back to the communities they work in and use the planet’s resources intelligently. This gets a big tick from me. I love that People Tree consider where the garment is made as important as informing you of the fabric composition or wash care.

These über comfy Fairtrade organic cotton culottes are also from People Tree and are made by Creative Handicrafts. This company is a social enterprise working to empower disadvantaged women in the slums of Mumbai, India.

So, do you know who made your clothes?


Bright Yellow Skirt* | Weecos

Blah Blah Striped T Shirt* | People Tree

Black Culottes* | People Tree

Bracelets* | Postcards Home

Sunglasses* | TOMS sold out, similar




  1. April 26 / 9:50 pm

    Lovely photos, you look amazing and are making such a great stand!
    I’ve not quite started with sustainable clothes but have stopped buying cosmetics that aren’t cruelty free this year – I had really thought they all were by now! :O xx

    • May 2 / 9:31 pm

      Thanks Emily, I have just started looking into cosmetics and it’s a mindfield with cruelty free, microbead free etc etc. i’ll be blogging about it soon x

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