A day out with the Flip XT2

Buying the right pushchair has a huge impact on your life. I should know; I’ve owned more pushchairs than children! Since the birth of my son Laurie last August, I’ve spent eight months in what only can be described as double buggy hell.

Transitioning back to a single pushchair with Mamas & Papas Flip XT² has been a complete revelation. I can now easily get on the bus, (essential if you’re a Londoner), push it one handed and be free from carrying endless bags. The basket underneath the seat is huge, and easily fits the endless nappies, wipes, toys, changes of clothing and food required to keep two mini people alive.

Plus, I no longer have an argument with my car boot each time I try loading the pushchair into it. When folded down, this pushchair is compact, and all the right bits come apart: for example, the wheels come off.

Like many Londoners, we live in a beautiful but impractical Victorian property, with a narrow front door and zero storage. This pushchair is small enough to fit through the door in its upright position, so that if Laurie is sleeping I can bring it into the house and hopefully he’ll stay that way. The pushchair also lies back flat, making sleep on the go eminently possible.

In my naivety, the first pushchair I bought had a beautiful pale blue hood, which has now turned a murky shade of grey. I love this pushchair’s deep ocean blue; as it’s extremely practical and hides the mud and other dirt that invariably accompanies small children.

Living in a city means that as a family we long for a little bit of countryside, and space. The problem with a lot of lightweight narrow pushchair is that the wheels only cope on pavements. So we took our Flip XT² out to the woods, to trial its capabilities. Though it’s clearly not a fan of huge piles of leaves, it coped very well with normal amounts of mud and bark – excellent.

The Flip XT² has many amazing features: it’s compatible with car seats and a carrycot to make a complete travel system, the bumper bar can be accessorised with toys to entertain and you can face your child forwards or backwards. But I’m hoping the most important feature is that it has a UPF 50+ large hood and air vent to keep Laurie cool. Come on summer!

If I had my time again, I would buy this Flip XT² pushchair straight out and attach a buggy board for my toddler. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

Five things to love about the Flip XT²

  1. Amazing storage: you can fit all but the kitchen sink in the basket.
  2. Narrow enough to get onto a bus and fit in our hallway.
  3. Big enough wheels to cope with a bit of off roading.
  4. Folds down small and fits into the boot of a car with room to spare.
  5. Lies back flat to allow your baby to catch forty winks.

The Flip XT² is available at Mamas & Papas now.

I was kindly gifted a Flip XT² by Mamas  & Papas, but all opinions are, as always, my own. 



  1. Layla
    November 2 / 4:06 pm

    Can you tell me how upright the stroller seat is in it’s most upright position?

    I have a plain old armadillo, and we lmostly like it, but my daughter prefers a more upright position…

    (I’m pretty sure the Flip and Flip XT can be more upright than the original Armadillo.)

    • November 3 / 1:40 pm

      Hi Layla,

      Thanks for your question. The upright seat position does have a slight recline. If you have a look at pictures 3 & 6 of the blog post you can see it in it’s most upright position. I hope this helps, if you need more pictures let me know & I can email some over to you.


      Karen x

  2. FALLOn
    October 21 / 5:54 pm

    Help please. Has anyone used a buggy board with it….

    • October 21 / 7:58 pm


      Thanks for your question, I’m afraid I haven’t tried it with a buggy board and I’ve had a look online without much luck. I do know that the Lascal buggy boards work with 99% of all buggies (& Mamas & Papas sell them), so it might be worth going into a Mama’s & Papas and trying the XT2 with it. I hope that helps.

      Have a lovely evening.


      Karen x

  3. Katy
    June 1 / 11:39 pm

    Hi karen. This is really helpful thank you. I’d be interested to know what you think of the reduced hood now it’s a bit sunnier? I ordered the flip xt2 in ocean blue the same as yours (ADORE the colour) as it had everything I need but I was so disappointed the hood was not as long as the previous model flip xt as this was one of the main reasons I wanted it (hate faffing about with clipping and unclipping muslins!). I’m now sending the flip xt2 back and have ordered the older flip xt as I’m hoping it’ll have all the great features of the newer model (good basket, compact fold, adjustable handlebar etc) but also with the longer hood. When you say people found the larger hood wafty, what do you mean? I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing sending back the xt2 and getting the older model! Let me know about the wafty! Many thanks, Katy

    • June 12 / 9:24 am

      Hi Katy, thanks for your question. We used the Flip XT2 in the South of France on holiday (hence my delay in responding, we’ve been away) and I found the hood totally adequate for normal sun protection. When Laurie needed a sleep I did attach an oversized muslin but generally I give him his naps in his cot. My understanding from Mamas and Papas is that people found the original hood too big, e.g. wafty! I hope you get on well with the original Flip XT as I do think buggies are such a personal thing as everyone has different needs. x

  4. Tanya
    May 17 / 8:56 am


    I’m trying to choose a stroller but it’s very difficult to make up my mind. I like everything in the M&P Ocarro stroller except the weight which seems too much. The other models I’m thinking of are: M&P Flip XT2, Icandy strawberry 2 and Cybex Balios M. Would appreciate it a lot if you give me your point of view for the listed models if you have an opinion on them.

    Thanks a lot!

    • May 22 / 9:20 am

      Hi Tanya, Thanks for your comment. I’ll be honest and say I’ve never used the other models you speak of. Though at having a look at them online I’d say that the Icandy doesn’t have UV protection on the canopy but apart from that they are all a pretty similar weight and size (though the Cybex is considerably cheaper!) Personally I’d take a look at them all and compare at the wheels. We use to have an Uppababy Cruz which was brilliant except for the wheels. After using it for 2 years they needed replacing. So far the Mamas and Papas strollers wheels are still like new and I’ve been using it since February of this year. Not sure if that helps. Karen xx

  5. Maris
    May 5 / 8:19 am

    Hello,I would like to see a picture how big is the canopy. I’ve heard that it is not as big as Flip XT? Would be nice to know what are the upgrades they make from Flip XT to XT2

    • May 12 / 1:56 pm

      Dear Maris,

      Thanks for your comment, I’ve spoken to the team at Mamas & Papas and this is what they had to say:

      New additions:
      -It has a new seat which is extra comfortable, which still lies flat.
      – Addition of the Bumper Bar
      – Adjustable footrest
      – Hardware redesigns to make it more aesthetic, removal of bright yellow plastics
      – Higher quality fabrics on the hood
      – The hood has reduced by 1 panel from the armadillo XT – (some feedback was that the
      hood was too big and made it quite ‘wafty’ on the hood panels on the original
      armadillo flip xt)

      I will send you a photo of the canopy to your personal email.

      Have a lovely day
      Karen x

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